The Book Every Girl Should Have On Her Shelf: Just Perfect

I recently met a friend through a local mom's Facebook group. She's an author, and her book is one of the most important kid's books I've ever read. Afton loves it and has it memorized; we read it daily.

Kimberly is my friend's name; she has quite the story, and she is boldly sharing it, not to gain fame or attention but to put a stop to one of our nation's top killers: suicide. She herself is a survivor of suicide, and she is not wasting even a single moment of her life but is using every breath to love people, to spread the message that You are just perfect, and to give moms a tool to help raise a generation of confident girls who know the truth about themselves.

She herself will tell you that this book is just a piece of the puzzle, but it's an important piece. If you're interested in reading her book, Just Perfect, you can buy it here, and, let me be the first to tell you that you should definitely buy it. Not only is it a wonderful book with beautiful illustrations and a crucial message, but a percentage of the profits this book brings in are donated to various charities committed to empowering children and helping them grow into strong, healthy teens and adults.

And, for one lucky reader of the blog, I'm giving away a copy! To be entered to win, simply sign up for my monthly newsletter using the form below by this Friday, June 30 (trust me when I say that I hate spam as much as you do! I will never share your information or send you anything I wouldn't personally love to receive myself--think lots of tips, recipes, funny stories, and encouragement). Bonus entries if you follow Kimberly and myself on Instagram! Be sure to comment here or on my Instagram when you're done entering!

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