California Dreamin': 2017 Edition Part 3

I left off last week talking about our day exploring the Wharves. Like I said, that was probably my favorite day; it had pretty much all of my favorite things: good coffee, time at the beach, exploring as a family, and tons of sunshine and fresh air. We all came home tired that night!

The next day was Saturday, and we thought that'd be a great day to drive into the city to finally give Kyle his opportunity to drive down Lombard St. Lombard St. is the curviest road in the world (I think?), and he'd been looking forward to driving it since last summer. I did not get pictures of it because I was in the backseat with a verrrrry angry Adia (did I mention how much she hates a carseat?), but there's a video of the whole ride down somewhere. If I can get my hands on it, I'll share it. :)

From Lombard St. we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge (something I've been wanting to do since last year). We stopped for lunch in Sausalito, and, if you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you'll know that Sausalito is now my favorite town in California. It was so cute and homey! And, it just happened to have the best fish tacos I've ever eaten in my life. We ate at the Salsalito Taco Shop, and, if your ever in that part of the country, I can't recommend it more highly. Sooooo delicious!

From Sausalito, we planned to drive up to Muir Woods to spend an afternoon under the Redwoods, but a couple of things happened that made that not work out:

I am all for not stopping all the things you love once you have children but, instead, including your children in the things you love, but, when you have a baby who spent the greater part of the day crying because she hates her carseat, and that baby finally falls do not do anything to mess that up! Plus, Muir Woods and Muir Beach are apparently very popular spots on weekends because there were no parking spots within a mile of either spot, so, even if both babies had been awake and happy, we would've had a hard time getting into either place anyway. So, in a very anti-climactic ending to a very fun day, we went home. In the moment, I was actually super disappointed, but, come back later this week, and you'll see that I finally found my Redwood grove, and it was everything I'd hoped and more.

Have you been to California? What's your favorite spot? Any other places (cities, states, countries) you recommend? We're always looking to grow our travel bucket list!