California Dreamin': 2017 Edition Part 2

Last week I shared the first couple of days of our trip to San Francisco, and, after a full and wonderful long Holiday weekend, I'm back with part 2!

As I already mentioned, Alaina, the girls, and I had adventures while Kyle worked the first few days. I actually didn't take a ton of pictures these days because we were paying attention to where we were going and keeping close eyes on the girls, so pulling out the camera felt like a bit much. But, we explored downtown Berkeley one day (we found some delicious gelato!), explored Golden Gate Park a bit more, drank lots of Boba tea (my new favorite treat), and spent one particularly hot afternoon at a pool/splash park which was just a couple blocks from our house.

In short, we had an amazing time. The girls did wonderfully with all the activity, exploration, and train-riding with only a couple meltdowns from being tired or hungry. And then, at last, came Friday and the beginning of Kyle's vacation. We had big plans for our four days of exploring the city, and I'm so excited to share a recap of these jam-packed days!

Friday was our day at the wharves. Afton was especially excited to see the famed sea lions at Pier 39, so, after a leisurely breakfast, we took the train into the city. From the train station, we walked over to the wharves and walked all the way from Pier 1 to Fisherman's Wharf. 

It was a beautiful day; I underestimated the beautiful California sun and got a bit toasted, but it was such a great day that I'm not even mad. ;) 

As you can see, I finally was able to try the clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl, and it did NOT disappoint! So delicious!

From Fisherman's Wharf, we kept walking over to the San Francisco Historic Maritime Park, and, like last year, it was a huge hit. Afton loves any excuse to play in sand and waves, so our hour at the beach was needed and thoroughly enjoyed. After playing and splashing, we walked back towards the wharves (with a much-needed stop for ice cream on the way) to say goodbye to the sea lions (Afton was sleeping in the stroller when we walked past the first time), and then it was time to head back across the Bay to the house. It was a full day but oh so fun!

This trip showed us a lot about what we want out of life; I'll go into more details later, but this day of fun as a family played a huge part in the way some of our thoughts and plans have shifted.

Check back in a couple days for Part 3 when we drove down Lombard Street and across the Golden Gate Bridge!