A Life of Change

Eeek, I haven't written since AUGUST! You guys! I am so sorry for the loooong silence; we've had a lot of changes lately, and I totally let the old blog slide for a number of reasons that I won't recount here because it's not actually that exciting. But, I do want to share with you the number one change that we've embraced, plus the back-story, so here goes.


Y'all, we MOVED! And, yes, it was kind of sudden, but it was very well-researched and thought-out. ;) 

Let me back up. As you've seen, we've spent a few days in San Francisco the last two summers. I didn't expect to fall in love with San Fran, but I totally did. The area we stayed both times was basically perfect for a young family: we could walk to anything we could possibly want to do. Last year I thought it was pretty awesome; this year had us wondering how we could incorporate something like that into our own lives. 


A couple weeks before we left for the West Coast, Kyle and I started discussing ideas on how to dabble in a little real estate investing. We discussed SO MANY options for how to do this, but the route that we eventually landed on was to flip our house, sell it for a profit, and move....somewhere. Our 10 days in San Francisco inspired us to look around at some more Urban areas. We wanted to find something with amenities (a pool, gym, work space for Kyle when he's trying to work from home, etc), something walk-able to a park, the train, restaurants/coffee shops, and easy access to grocery shopping, and, I'm thrilled to report, we found something that meets ALL of those wishes! 

We finished flipping our house and listed it in early September; it was under contract within 5 days; we found an amazing apartment to rent in the city, and moved in in October. And Y'ALL! I can't even begin to describe what an amazing decision it was! The girls and I walk to the park nearly every day; the library, which has an AMAZING kids' section, is less than 2 miles away; Trader Joe's is 3 miles away; we can walk to the train station to go into the heart of the city, AND our apartment, aside from being beautiful, has a pool, a gym, a really cool clubhouse with complimentary, locally-roasted coffee, and a work-space for Kyle. It's PERFECT!


We've raised a few eyebrows with this move; it is definitely a big change! From a pretty Cape Cod-style home on 1.3 acres to a cute 2 bed/2 bath condo in the city is certainly different! But, I did want to do a more detailed recap of why we decided to embrace this change. In no particular order:

1. Health: 

Ironically enough, we spend so much more time outside! Not because we don't love our apartment; we do, and we have a lot of fun here in our cozy little space! But it's just so convenient to so many wonderful things! We walk for coffee and park dates and Taco Tuesday and are having so much fun exploring a new area!


2. Family:

You can't normally buy time, but it feels like we just did (except we're not actually buying anything since we sold the house...). All the hours formerly spent keeping up the yard and maintaining the house are ours again! We have so much more time as a family now, and it's WONDERFUL!


3. Wealth:

Kyle has been doing a ton of reading and learning and listening and researching on finances and investing and the like. I'm pretty excited about all he's been learning, and I can't wait to see how we apply everything over the coming years.


4. Calling:

We have been blessed by the most amazing circle of friends. Our tribe is the best tribe, and I am so thankful to continue to do life with them! We also feel that we're supposed to extend that same love and hospitality to people who may not have it.


So, there you go. Big changes have happened, and I'm hoping to share more of them over the coming weeks! :)

What changes have you embraced lately? Let me know!