An Anniversary Trip: Chateau Morrisette and Floyd, VA

I've talked a bit about our anniversary which we celebrated last weekend, but I haven't given a whole lot of detail regarding where we went to celebrate. And, considering we had a great trip and went to some really fun and beautiful places, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you guys about them!

Six years ago, my sister-in-law, one of her good friends, Hubs (who was my boyfriend at the time), and I went to a place just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Floyd, Virginia called Chateau Morrisette. It's a vineyard and farm-to-table restaurant and is one of the most beautiful spots I've visited in this country. Husband and I have talked about going back for various reasons ever since, but we just haven't made it. Considering this would be the first time we've left the girls overnight we decided that our 5th anniversary would be the perfect time to re-visit this lovely spot. 

We made reservations for dinner at Chateau Morrisette, guys...GO TO CHATEAU MORRISETTE ASAP! I know that seems dramatic, but, I promise you, I am NOT just being dramatic. It's beautiful. They have delicious wine (and that's coming from someone who doesn't even really like wine...we went mainly because I love vineyards and think they're beautiful spots to explore), amazing, locally-sourced food, unbeatable views, friendly service, a romantic atmosphere, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

After a leisurely dinner and walk around the property to take advantage of the beautiful views, we headed out to our hotel. We looked at several lodging options online when we were planning this getaway, but, being that it was Mother's Day weekend, a number of them were fully booked by the time we got around to actually reserving a room. We ended up staying at the Hotel Floyd, which, though simple, was tasteful and very comfortable. I would highly recommend staying there.

Sunday morning we took a little time to explore the town of Floyd, Virginia, and I kind of fell in love with this little mountain town. If you've never been, imagine a little baby Asheville, NC. If you're not familiar with Asheville then just imagine a very small mountain town with lots of crunchy-granola type people. Basically, we felt right at home. 

Our hotel served breakfast, but there were several spots that, had we been hungry, looked like they had delicious food for breakfast (or lunch or dinner, but we were needing to get back to Kyle's parents' house to get the girls by lunch). And, since it was a Sunday morning, a lot of spots were closed. But, we had a great time exploring Cocoa Mia, a cute little chocolate shop that makes gourmet chocolates on the premises (YUM!) and the country store, which sold handmade sodas, locally made kombucha (DELISH!), goat milk soaps, and more and was set up for an afternoon jam session. There were a few other spots that we would've loved exploring had they been open, but, oh well! Next time!

So, if you're ever in Floyd, don't miss the opportunity to do a wine tasting or grab an incredible meal at Chateau Morrisette (I highly recommend the blackberry wine or the Red Mountain Laurel wine, and no I didn't drink both of those at one meal--I had the blackberry wine with dinner, and we brought a bottle of the Red Mountain Laurel home with us). I also recommend the country store, and, of course, check out Cocoa Mia for some amazing chocolates! 

When we go back next time, we hope to check out a couple other local restaurants, a cute coffee shop that wasn't open yet (apparently there's a coffee roaster/shop in Floyd that someone ranked as having the best coffee on the East Coast; I must find this place!), explore the Blue Ridge Parkway a bit more, especially Mabry Mill, and go on a hike or two.

Until next time, Beautiful Virginia!