The Adventures of Afton and Adia: May Edition

I'm a week late, but both babies are officially a month older, so you know what that means: a deluge of pictures of my beauties! Enjoy!


  • Loves trains, tractors, firetrucks, and mailmen (USPS are the "white mailmen" because they drive a white truck, and FedEx and UPS are the "big mailmen")
  • Makes up songs to narrate her actions
  • Is still our little fish baby and would swim all the time if she could
  • Says some of the funniest things
  • Has an excellent imagination: our rocking chair is a train; the barstools form a house when configured properly; an empty bag becomes a pretend picnic in the blink of an eye; the list could go on and on.
  • Would wear a tutu 24/7
  • Loves taking pictures with her little camera
  • Eats like a champ and enjoys everything from asparagus to zucchini
  • Wants me to paint her toes daily
  • Asks to go to the beach constantly and will tell anyone who'll listen that we're going to "fly on a airplane to California with Auntie Alaina"
  • Is the most incredible 2 year old I know.

Adia- 7 Months

  • Is the rolly-polliest little thing
  • Smiles allllll the time
  • Prefers to be mostly naked and morphs into an angry honeybadger whenever we dress her
  • Speed crawls all over the house screeching gleefully; we call her our floor pterodactyl
  • Got mommy in trouble with the pediatrician last month because she still refuses solids--the attempts continue
  • Has lately decided that sleep is boring and unnecessary--her parents would disagree.
  • Pulls up to stand and has even managed to remain standing for a couple seconds without holding onto anything.
  • Will clearly never allow herself to get lost in her sister's shadow (not that we would do that anyway); where Sister is, there is Adia doing her best to keep up and be louder!
  • Has these beautiful brown eyes that absolutely kill me
  • Is the sweetest little thing, offering cuddles just when I'm starting to fear that her cuddle days are behind us.
  • Is the most incredible 7 month old I know.