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Adia at 6 Months + Afton Bonus Cuteness

Amy LedyardComment
Adia at 6 Months + Afton Bonus Cuteness

The girls continue to amaze, entertain, and make us fall ever more in love with them. Enjoy a short update and a bunch of pictures.


  • Makes up songs to narrate her activities (example: "I'm washin' my baby in the bathtub with my soap in my haaaaannnnddddd")
  • Loves going to the park with her friends....and without her friends; she just loves the park
  • Thinks that "Friday" is a place because we often go to the park with her friends on Fridays, so she's heard the phrase, "Afton, would you like to go to the park with your friends on Friday?" many times. Therefore, she'll often randomly say, "Bye bye! I'm goin to Friday!"
  • Is reeaalllyyy excited about planting vegetables in the garden
  • Enthusiastically stops to sniff allllll the flowers
  • Loves to point out shapes, colors, letters, and numbers and has become very interested in the months of the year
  • Is HILARIOUS. Truly; she tooted the other evening and tried to blame it on her daddy. He was a little surprised but had to laugh when he pointed out that normally it's the dad blaming the baby.
  • Is a little sponge. The other day in the car she said, "Mommy! Don't tell lies! Don't eat worms, too. Chickens eat worms!" I give you 3 guesses as to what we've been discussing lately.
  • Can change her own diaper (no, I'm not kidding) but wants nothing to do with using the potty.
  • Cracks us up, keeps us on our toes, and is a priceless gift.


  • Learned to crawl a week prior to her 6 month birthday
  • Started pulling up to stand about an hour after crawling for the first time
  • Loves to jump and dance
  • Is most interested in the "toys" that she really shouldn't have but is thankfully very patient when we take them away from her
  • Adores Afton and is convinced that she can do no wrong (example: the other day I was putting dishes away in the kitchen while the girls played in the living room. They were laughing hysterically at one point, and I thought to myself how sweet it was that they were having so much fun together only to look up from the dish I was holding to see Afton ROLLING ADIA ACROSS THE LIVING ROOM saying "Adi roll ovey!!" in a sing-songy voice. I quickly put a stop to that before Afton could get very far with it and pointed out that Adia is perfectly capable of rolling "ovey" on her own!)
  • Smiles, giggles, and laughs all the time.
  • Was apparently faking us out in her interest in solids; she has every interest in what we're eating but absolutely no interest in actually eating it. Oh well! I'm totally fine delaying the advent of STINKY POO!
  • Loves to be outside and delights in pulling up grass by the fistful.
  • Does NOT love evening car rides; morning car rides are fine, but put that girl in the car in the evening = mass hysteria.
  • Cracks us up, keeps us on our toes, and is a priceless gift.