A Spring Birthday Party

I promise this will be the last you hear about Afton's recent birthday. You're probably tired of my harping on and on about it! BUT, I thought her little party turned out really nicely without requiring a ton of work or planning on my part, so I wanted to share those details. :)

I had grand plans to do a safari-themed party, but, when I couldn't find the small, plastic, toy animals or napkins/plates/tablecloths that I liked to go with that theme, I scrapped the idea and went with just a simple, feminine, spring party. I also decided against planning party activities because organizing two year-olds to do such activities seemed like a bigger challenge than I was really wanting to take on. Maybe next year for both safari parties and party activities. ;)

I decided to keep food pretty simple. It was supposed to be on the cooler side, so I made a huuugggeee crockpot full of chili, a couple of veggie trays with hummus and a Greek yogurt dip, and a round 2-layer lemon cake with lemon buttercream icing. I followed this recipe exactly, and it turned out pretty dry. The flavor was great, but the texture left something to be desired. We had family come in the day after our friend party, so I made the same cake again with a few minor adjustments of my own, and it was so much better! It was a really good thing we had so many family members here because I totally could've and would've eaten wayyy too much of Lemon Cake Round 2!! I'll share the recipe sometime because it was delicious!

I figure this is the last year I can put so much focus on party decor (my favorite part!) since games and making it fun and entertaining for the littles will be more important going forward, so I really put my heart into it. I chose pink and metallics as my colors, and off we went to the store.

I topped the tables with simple plastic tablecloths because chili=destroyed tablecloths. I knew I wanted pretty flowers because a party without fresh flowers is only a half-party in my opinion. Publix sells large bunches of flowers 3 for $12, so I was able to buy a lot of flowers without spending an arm and a leg. To keep with my color theme, I bought two bunches of small, pink tea roses, one bunch of pale yellow Alstroemeria, and one bunch of white baby's breath and made 3 arrangements: one large one for the main table, and two small ones for the food tables. I scattered pink confetti at the base of each vase for an added element of fun.

I loved those tablecloths, cheap and disposable though they were. They added just enough shimmer. :)

Afton has this really cute way of throwing her hands in the air and exclaiming "Whoo hoo!" when she's excited about something. It's one of my favorite things about life right now, so I made a banner to hang above the food tables that said "Whoo hoo! Afton's 2!" She loved that sign, took great pride in "reading" it to everyone, and may or may not (but totally did) shed a little tear when I took it down.

The final touches were 2 pom-pom garlands I made out of string and metallic gold and metallic silver tissue paper. One I hung across the doorway between the living and dining rooms, and the other hung along the bar. 

For a cake topper I bought a gold cake banner that said Happy Birthday on it. And that was that! Simple, low stress, and pretty! The perfect party. :)