Afton- 2 Years; Adia- 5 Months

As I've already shared, Afton is now 2 years old. It's crazy, I know, but, with another month of growth comes another baby update post. Enjoy the cuteness that is my children. :)

Afton- 2 Years Old

  • Loves books, puzzles, trains, and animals best with babies, firetrucks, and tractors taking a close  second.
  • Is like a little pony, galloping and prancing all around the house.
  • Turns everything into a baby; there's not a book or toy in the house that she hasn't "nursed" and then rocked to sleep in the bouncy seat.
  • Notices everything and is super curious about all of it.
  • Takes such sweet care of her baby sister.
  • Has a fun, bright, vivid imagination.
  • Has enough of her books memorized that she'll often read them to us.
  • Can say her ABC's and count to 10 in English and Swahili; she also knows colors and shapes.
  • Swears up and down that she didn't turn two but did, in fact, stay one.
  • Alternately refers to herself as "Baby Afton" and "Big Girl Afton."
  • Is so completely precious to us.

Adia- 5 Months Old

  • Smiles and giggles at everyone and has the sweetest, deepest dimples!
  • Scoots backwards on her belly all over the house.
  • Tries desperately to crawl, rocking back and forth on her hands and knees a hundred times a day; so far, we've managed face plants, minimal forward movement, lots of backwards movement, and deep frustration.
  • Is only interested in snuggling if she's very tired; otherwise, she pushes away from us and looks around, not wanting to miss a single thing.
  • Tries to grab everything within reach and gums it like crazy.
  • Drools like it's her job.
  • Has the softest, fuzziest dark hair!! I'm obsessed. :)
  • Looks like the cutest, most feminine version of her very masculine daddy you could ever imagine.
  • Is Sister's biggest fan (and that's really saying something because we're pretty huge fans, ourselves!)
  • Is my happy, roly-poly little sweetie.
  • Is so completely precious to us.