Fall Lovin- 5 Reasons to Be Excited that Summer's Ending

Fall Lovin- 5 Reasons to Be Excited that Summer's Ending

This time of year seems to bring out a lot of mixed feelings in people. We turn our calendars to September, and the world is instantly divided into two groups: the flavor-all-the-things-with-pumpkin-and-bring-out-the-sweaters-and-boots camp and the may-summer-never-die camp. I tend to fall into the first camp. Don't get me wrong; I love pool parties and beach trips and s'mores and cook-outs with all my heart, but, when August finally breathes its last, I'm ready for crisp mornings and all things apple and pumpkin. October is in my top 3 favorites months, and, to be honest, none of the summer months can claim such a distinction. :)

With the first day of fall rapidly approaching (next week!!), and with Starbucks already rolling out their seasonal drinks, I thought I'd share 5 reasons to be excited that Fall is almost officially here. If you're with me in the fall-loving camp then maybe you'll find some new ideas to try this year. If you're in the long live the summer camp then hopefully this will give you a reason to look forward to the changing season. So, without further ado...

Top 5 Reasons to be Excited That Summer Is Ending

1) Apple-picking

I don't know if this is a thing where you are, but, if it isn't, I'd give serious consideration to moving. Nothing beats an apple freshly picked from the tree except for maybe the fresh, home-made apple cider, apple donuts, and apple butter one can make using said apples. Plus a lot of orchards have pick-your-own apples, games on-site using their apples, beautiful views, hayrides, and apple-picking festivals. One orchard not too far from us even apparently has a cannon-type thing out of which you can shoot apples. Plus, orchards make great places for family photos. :)

2) Pumpkin patches

What could be more fun than going with your family, eating some fall treats at a local farm, and picking out a pumpkin to take home and carve? Like the orchards, a lot of pumpkin patches have lots of other activities like snack shops, petting zoos, various contests, hayrides, and more. It's a great way to get outside as a family, take some cute pictures for the Christmas cards, and make memories with your littles.

3) Bonfires

I think people tend to think of bonfires as a summer event, and I agree that a campfire with s'mores and good friends is a great summer activity. But it's better on a chilly fall night when you can go on a hayride and then, just when your fingers are starting to tingle a little bit, you arrive back to a blazing fire where you can warm up and enjoy a snack. Not to mention, our summers here in the South are so warm that no one really wants to sit too close to a fire then anyway.

4) Football

I realize that football (and sports in general) aren't everyone's thing, and that's totally fine. But it is fun, whether you enjoy the actual sporting event or not, to go to a live game with friends and join in on the team spirit. You can listen to the band (if it's a school football team), watch the half-time show, be a little silly cheering, and hang out with your friends and family outside in a relaxed setting. Or, if you are really that opposed to watching an actual game, might I recommend a seasonal movie to put you in the spirit? Remember the Titans and Radio are two excellent places to start. :)


I love change and newness. Maybe that's weird, but I think a lot of people can relate to excitement about a new wardrobe, am I right? And I love fall clothes. The rich colors and textures. The layers. All of it. A few of my favorites can be found here, here, here, and here.


My baby is due in just a few weeks! Stay tuned for some really sweet newborn pictures. :)

And that's not even getting into fall festivals, hayrides, hiking through the amazing foliage, holidays, and all the delicious fall food! What are some of your favorite fall activities or treats? Please share in the comments below!

If you're looking for a fun indoor craft to do with your littles, check out this one at Freshly Messy blog. She has tons of great ideas for moms and children from sensory play to crafts and more!