Birthday Shenanigans

I turned 29 yesterday. I know that isn't old, but it's the oldest I've ever been, so it feels significant. ;) As birthdays often do, it made me think about life so far and our upcoming life. Where we've been and where we're going.

This year has brought a lot of unforseen changes. Really good changes but not ones that I ever would've seen coming. I know that it's been closer to two years since I quit my nursing job to stay home with Afton, but it feels like this year is the year I've really been the stay-at-home mom. Not that I wasn't here for the 9 months I stayed home last year; I was, but I was more finding my feet and figuring out this whole motherhood thing. That involved lots of snuggles and books and play dates at the park, and it was awesome. I assumed that this year would be the same. That I'd be navigating the waters of a toddler's schedule and running a post partum doula business. But then we found out about our Adia in February, and all those plans changed in the best way possible.

Now I'm a work from home mom. I'm balancing being a wife, a mom, and a business-owner of sorts, and I wouldn't have it any other way. My days include so much variety! I get to wear so many hats! Wife. Mom. Kisser-of-ouchies. Head Chef. Photographer. Writer. Blogger. Interior Decorator. Planner of playdates. Hostess. Reader-of-stories. Singer-of-silly-songs. Youth pastor. House Cleaner. Planner of meals. Recipe creator. Dancer-of-crazy-dances. Puppeteer. Leader-of-crafts. Finger Paint Extraordinaire. Coordinator-of-schedules. And so much more.

What a beautiful life. 28 was great. 29, I have a feeling, will be divine. (Yes that was the cheesiest thing I've ever said. Move along.)